She Sleeps

She Sleeps

She sleeps! The weekend fever is ALMOST gone! She does not have to join office. Am I jealous? Are you?

Small Dogs
Anyway, I know this is not the last weekend. A lot more to come in our lives. And we'll be enjoying each moment. Just to recall - the code "dogdays" will save 10% off at Golly Gear, they have something specially designed for SMALL DOGS.

Happy Mothers
At Happy Mothers, you will still find few bargains on stroller for your kids. The store offers free shipping and 'Tax Free' transaction.
Really no more now.

Take Care.


Ish Diamante said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog!!! Take care!!!

Nilz said...

Thanks for your visit.

Have a great day ahead.

shimumsy said...

cute dog picture. thanks for the visit. happy weekend.

Nilz said...

Thanks a lot fir your visit.

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