Back to School Supplies Checklist w/ Coupons

Back to School Supplies

I'll share my lists for Back to school supplies. But before it comes up, here goes my weekend update.

WEEKEND update
It's an update on my Surprise Party! After her (my brother's wife) recovery, I planned for a party with friends. And she was the event sponsor. We celebrated each moment. There was much gaiety when our kid chanted nursery rhymes. Electrifying ambient!

Friend's Birthday Party
Incidentally, we will be attending a friend's birthday party shortly. He is a friend in need. He suggests doctors for us. That time we did not took his suggestion and paid the bill. We had a debate on gifts. Finally, they leave it entirely on me. Besides a digital photo frame, and a giant mug, I have plan to gift him a bouquet. I have option to get it from ProFlower offering 15% off ALL orders during this month, or from Teleflora. They have a new collection - Migi, Top Chef etc., which look so cute and priced under $40. Earlier he asked for my suggestion on invitation cards. I told him to check TinyPrints. Their Studio Basics Cards have a glossy finish, he could customise it completely from his computer, and those cards will cost him only 59 Cents each.

Not Done
Okay and this is not done for TODAY. I have prepared a back to school supplies list. The list is long! But I guess, a lot of those are essential, if not all.

Back to School Supplies

1. Backpack

2. Lunch Bag

3. Printer Paper, Composition Notebook, Lined Paper

4. Pencils, Colored Pencils, Crayons, and Markers.

5. Glue Sticks, Clear Tape

6. Tissues

Back to School Clothing

1. Shoes - sneaker/lather - 1 - 2 pair, Gym Shoes - 1 pair

2. Dresses - Jeans - 2 - 3, Pants, Jackets, Rain Jackets, Socks, Underwear, T-shirt - short sleeved - 4 to 5 , Long Sleeved - 2 to 3, Skirt/dress - 2 to 3 (if required).

3. Sweater - 2/3.

4. Underwear - 4/5, Socks - 4/5 pairs, Leggings/ Track Pants - 2/3, Tights - 1/2.

Back to School Coupons

And finally, the coupon codes for Back to School. As such, this list is not comprehensive but an abstract of what I have saved till now.

Coupons for Back to School Dresses, Backpacks & Other Essentials: - Back to School lunch bag, backpacks, pencils etc. 15% off w/ Coupon: SCHOOL Exp. 9/18

Baghaus: 10% off back to shool bags and purses w/ coupon code: B2SCHOOL until 10/14.

Kmart: Free Shipping on $50+ Back to School Supplies orders until 9/2.

PinkIce: Back to School bags, Free Shipping on $75+ orders.
Kmart: Free Shipping on School Uniform Orders of $50+ until 8/22.

DisneyStore (former DisneyShopping): Back to School Backpacks, Polo on Sale. To continue...

SleepyHeads: Back to School dresses and under garments. 20% off w/ coupon: 2SCHOOL until 8/18.

Sierra Trading Post: 15% off $100 on Back to School back pack, clothing, & more. Valid 8/26.

Back to School Electronics/ Computer Supplies:

PrintCountry: 70% off Printer Ink

Back to School/ College Furniture, Gear & Other Supplies: 15% off $125 on Dorm Furniture. Exp. 9/12

Brite Music: 35% on the "Sing, Read and Write Program". Exp. 8/31

Eastern Mountain Sports: Back to School Camping Gear 20% - 80% off until 9/1. Back to School arrivals 15% off + free shipping w/ code: BTSSKATE until 8/31.

I shared my list with you because this is back-to-school discount season. If you make purchases now, you can save 10% - 25% off your total budget.

Take Care.
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May I request you to take a look at the entire list of back to school coupons here!


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