Stroller Round Up

Strollers, a good gear to have
I have read sometime back few good articles on strollers - buying guide, types of strollers, advantages etc. I can't recall the source but overall the author suggested to go with one, which is rugged in construction. A stroller is a good gear to keep yourself free while traveling with your baby. And engineering is something you must not compromise with. After all, it relates to the safety and security of your baby!

Stroller Saving Tips
For my friends, I would like to share a great tip. This is the thing you can safely go with a second hand. The new versions will cost you a lot. The used one, (in good condition), must be something which servers the purpose without hitting your pocket hard. And if it comes from a close friend, or a family member, or a kind-hearted neighbor - it must be a win-win situation on both part. They are more likely to give away it for free!

Stroller Deals & Coupons
Anyway, if you can't find an used one, you have the option to check out for bargains. For new strollers you can check the stores with deals. I can recall the hype nearly a year ago, when offered free shipping. We posted it and got some good response as well. has revived the free shipping offer on Bugaboo Bee Stroller. There was no expiry date when we posted the deal. So, I think, the offer is still valid. This is something great for such big sized item.

Nowadays, I can see few more stores are offering free shipping on strollers, like Happy Mothers. The store like Baby Catalog has a coupon code, which will save 5% off. The coupon code is "5OFF". Happy Mother also takes 10% off on certain stroller models like BOB stroller. On a stringent price-point Happy seems to have better deal on Strollers with 'Free Shipping Plus No Tax'!

Happy Shopping!


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