Faith and Love

Again a very engaging weekend, as I was heavily involved in designing our first edition of newsletter. As we do not have many opt-in subscribers as of today, so, I have decided to circulate it among our members, and my intimate friends for their feedbacks. I have ensured anybody can easily unsubscribe from this service at any point of time without our intervention. Thus, getting in and out from this FREE service is really simple. I would, therefore, request you to subscribe to our FREE newsletter service, and if you feel uncomfortable, it will hardly take less than ten seconds to unsubscribe. If somebody does a cross-check on this subscribe/unsubscribe feature, and let me know if there is any difficulty, it will be of great help for me. I must say that I have no intention to sell, or spam your most esteemed mailbox.

Regarding the content of this newsletter, I have planned to share informative articles on money saving tips! I spend most of my time online reading such articles, and fact is that fancy-shoppe is inspired by that spirit as a whole. We are committed to save your money. Besides, I'll share some quick links to live deals. For our members, again I'll request you to suggest deals for inclusion in our newsletter services.

Presently, I have decided to circulate it weekly, and I'll review the impact of our entire newsletter service within a month.

Regarding deals/ suggested deals, I would once again request our honorable members to please follow our submission rules, and guidelines as it relates to integrity of Fancy-Shoppe. I really feel very bad when I need to discard any submission request for not following our guideline. Here the rule of thumb is that - 'Suggest a deal that worth!' and links must lead to the online stores offering the deals direct. I think for any website, it needs to develop a relationship of 'Faith and Love' with the end users for its sustainability, and integrity has been the most important issue in this regard. So, hopefully, I'll get full support both from our visitors, and members.

And finally take a look at this Faith and Love Silver Monogram Children's Bracelet. Does not it look meaningful in today's context?


Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog. I have learned heaps from the Problogger 31 Day Challenge. best wishes Sarah

Nilz said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll visit your blog to learn more about art of blogging.

toby said...

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Nilz said...

You are welcome.

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